IronMic’D is the podcast for podcasters. On the podcast, we feature fellow creators, offer tips on podcasting, and offer advice on how to grow your podcast.

Episode 1: How to use Social Media to Grow Your Podcast

August 21st, 2018

Using social media will help your podcast grow. Kyle and I share the most important lessons we've learned and talk through how important social is for podcasters.

Episode 0: Welcome to IronMic’d

August 14th, 2018

Welcome to the launch of IronMic, a simple place to create automated podcast websites. Learn about the people behind the project. Leon Hitchens, Kyle McDonald, Sunny Singh talk about how they met, what lead them to this project, and what you will expect from this podcast for podcasters. You can find us on Anchor and!

Sunny Singh

Main developer on IronMic. Also has a podcast of his own.

Kyle McDonald

Developer by trade but also dabbles in design and advertising.

Leon Hitchens

Digital media advertiser and strategies​t. I love gadgets, technology, social media, and digital advertising.

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